Edge Effect Training

Complete Rhythmic Training

Includes Polyrhythms and Quintuplets

Complete Rhythmic Training

1,5 hours of video content
Audio examples of all the reading drills
Subdivision/Polyrhythmic/Polymetric drills
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Giant Steps Lesson Pack

Coltrane Changes Made Easy

The Joe Pass Live Bundle

13 Live Solo Transcriptions

Exclusive Soundslices

Additional Exercises

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Complete False Fingering Guide

Ever Played A Paradiddle On Sax?

Bossa Nova USA Pack

Using Rhythms From The Greats

Backing tracks | Transcription | Analysis

Major Triad Study for Guitar

Excerpt from "Triads For Guitar 1"

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Triads For Guitar 1

Mastering Fundamentals

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Jojo Mayer Live at NAMM 2013

Checking out a few bars

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