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Work Song (Eb)

Adderley Cannonball

Live in Zwitserland 1963

Friday Night At The Cadillac Club (Bb)

Berg Bob

Live at Newport 1990

Straphangin' (Bb)


Brecker Michael

Some Skunk Funk with the WDR Big Band

Your Latest Trick (Bb)

Brecker Michael

Brothers In Arms

Buona Sera (Bb)

Butera Sam

w/ Louis Prima

Spain (C)

Corea Chick

Light As A Feather

Moanin' (Eb)

Cuber Ronnie

Nostalgia in Times Square

Samba Cantina (Eb)

Demond Paul

Bossa Antigua

Perdido (Eb)

Desmond Paul

Live at Oberlin College

Wendy (Eb)

Desmond Paul

Edmonton Festival 76'

The Duke (Eb)

Desmond Paul

The Dave Brubeck Quartet Live

It's A Raggy Waltz (Eb)

Desmond Paul

Time Further Out

Autumn Leaves (Eb)

Desmond Paul

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Samba Cantina (C)

Hall Jim

Bossa Antigua

Fee Fi Fo Fum (C)

Henderson Scott

Scott Henderson: Live!

All of Me (Eb)

Hodges Johnny

Live Performance (Youtube)

Bird's Eye View (C)

Howe Greg


Got a Match (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Live At North Sea Jazz 2003 (Youtube)

Ritual (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Paint The World

Ished (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Paint The World

Spain (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Live At Montreux 2004 (Youtube)

Beneath The Mask (Bb)

Marienthal Eric

Beneath The Mask

Blue Miles (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Beneath The Mask

Keep The customer Satisfied (Eb)

Marienthal Eric

Live at the Buddy Rich Big Band Memorial concert (Youtube)

Syzygy (C)

Metheny Pat

Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker

Ain't Misbehavin' (C)

Pass Joe

Live Performance

Misty (C)

Pass Joe

Live Performance

Satin Doll (C)


Pass Joe

Vestapol DVD: The Genius of Joe Pass

Summertime (C)

Pass Joe

Live 1992 Performance

The Shadow Of Your Smile (C)

Pass Joe

Song For Ellen

I Will Alway Love You (Bb)

Whalum Kirk

Whitney: The Greatest Hits

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