Allan Holdsworth - A Method To The Madness (e-book)

With this book it’s my goal to give you the tools to create the wild and crazy lines that you so love and that Allan was so great at.
However, this is not a thesaurus of Allan Holdsworth licks. This is not intended to make you sound like a carbon copy of Allan Holdsworth or copy his licks verbatim.

We will analyse and categorize aspects of Allan’s playing using a selection of lines from transcriptions,
then we’re going to go over different levels of harmonic “expansion” (as I like to view it),
next we’ll take an extensive look at Messiaen’s Modes and how to apply them and finally I will take you through the process of creating your own lines using these concepts.

What's Inside:

Allan Holdsworth Solo Analyses

8 Methods For Harmonic Expansion

Messiaen Mode 3 Study

Harmonic Expansion Examples

Line Design

Holdsworth Inspired Scale & Arpeggio Exercises

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